25 going on… well, 25.

Quarter of a century. Era of cheap car insurance. Biological age where your body goes to shit. Whatever you want to call it, I turned 25 — officially a full fledged adult.

Some thoughts around your 20-somethings:

  • Sub 22: You’re likely a student so nothing counts
  • 22-24: An appropriate range to bum around and “find yourself”
  • 25+: The year where people stop saying… ah, you’re so young! And when the western world deems you ripe enough to be a respectable member of society (read: expect you to have your crap together)
  • 30: The year you nuke your social media because you don’t want to see another wedding, baby or engagement ever again. (Can’t wait!)


I know technically the law says 18, 19 or 21 (depending on where you live), but if you have to pay a “Young Person Tax” for rental cars… let’s be honest, no one is taking you seriously.

Insurance premiums aside, it’s been an incredible ride to make it to 25. Of course you’re here for my stereotypical list of 25 things that I’ve been grateful for in these 25 years. Won’t keep you waiting — let’s get started.

Heck, I’ll start off with you, yeah you — the one reading this, I’m grateful you took the time to click through and read this. You’ve likely contributed to one of these below, so from the bottom of my slowly deteriorating heart, thank you.

(If you want to skip over the cheeseball cliche ones, start at number 5)

I’m grateful for…

  1. The health of my friends and family.
  2. Waking up everyday and doing work I love that impacts the lives of real people.
  3. Old friends (and new friends).
  4. The ability to travel — new perspectives, places, cultures and people will never get tiring.
  5. Having more than one person to call if I ever need to get bailed out of jail.
  6. Never having had (and hopefully will never have) a traditional “boss”.
  7. My psychotherapist (no, haven’t gone off the deep end yet, but therapy is a great thing — maybe I’ll write about it someday).
  8. Having grown up in a single parent family — learning how to be resilient and independent.
  9. My faja teaching me kindness at a young age (and not killing me in the rebellion years … aka. all 25 years).
  10. A functional relationship with my sisters (for the most part).
  11. Being dumbest person in the room 95% of the time, gives me lots and lots to learn.
  12. Anyone who’s ever taken a chance on me.
  13. Anyone who’s ever returned my forgotten/lost items, especially when it was a wallet or phone because they definitely didn’t have to.
  14. Being able to experience humanity’s kindness firsthand through travel — 99% of human beings I’ve met are great people.
  15. Not actually dying during near death experiences.
  16. Being able to walk without pain in every step. Note: if you find yourself on a Kayak in Laos, wear sunscreen.
  17. The opportunity to give back to the global community.
  18. The internet. Like really grateful for this one.
  19. Having friends I can catch up with, even after years apart.
  20. Mountains. The best test of character is climbing 3000 metres.
  21. Never getting hangovers (pending).
  22. Friends and family that accept my impeccable ability to be late for everything.
  23. Every teacher, coach, mentor who had the patience and fortitude to kicked my ass (figuratively and literally).
  24. Minimalism because it reminds me of what’s really important.
  25. Another year, month, day, hour, minute.

Whew, I held my breath the whole time.

My hope is to incept one person to think about what they’re grateful for today, it doesn’t have to be 25 things and it doesn’t have to your birthday — but I promise it will brighten your day.

That’s all I got, thanks for coming along for the ride. I’ll keep you posted on how long #21 lasts.

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